First draft of Foundra sequel complete

2017 has been a big year for me. In the course of a year, I moved across the country from Pennsylvannia to Silicon Valley California. Took a job at Google. Finished my second novel and am expecting my first child any day now. On top of it all, I've completed the first draft to the highly anticipated Foundra sequel. While it has been a good year for me personally, many would say that it hasn't been too great of a year for our country. I acknowledge this fact and take it to heart, understanding that life is a dynamic, fluid thing. A high point in one moment can be quickly followed by a low point a moment later. It's with that humbling that I move into 2018 with measured anticipation.

In February, my next novel Elevator Quest will be released. And sometime later next year, I plan to have the final draft of the Foundra sequel ready to go. I will also be a new father, which I'm sure will add a little welcomed chaos to the mix.