Novel Preview on Kindle Scout

Last year I completed a modern fantasy novel that gives homage to the types of fantasy novels that I grew up reading. Fantasy that is heavily rooted in Dungeons & Dragons. A novel that I’ve titled: Elevator Quest. This weekend, I’ve decided to enroll Elevator Quest, my passion project, in the Kindle Scout program for special publishing by Amazon. I’ve decided to do this instead of the traditional self publishing route that I took with my first novel Foundra: The Rift War.

I made this decision, because I believe that this novel is unique. This novel is one that I honestly believe will be a bestselling novel, and I wanted to give it the attention and care due to such a story. Becoming a bestselling novel as a self published book is a challenge. A major challenge with a series of roadblocks that only exist for self published books and Authors. Due to this, I want to remove these roadblocks by getting behind a major publisher, in this case, Amazon itself.

I believe that Amazon will give this novel the attention it deserves and the marketing power needed to get it in front of the world. I’m thankful for the channels that they have created, and strongly believe that they are there for the Authors above all else.

With all of that said, I’m reaching out to you all to help keep this novel on the Hot & Trending section of the Kindle Scout website. I’m going to do everything in my power to market it and need everyone collectively to show their support and get this novel the attention it needs in order to be selected by the Kindle Scout team. By helping out and nominating, you can secure your own free copy in the form of the kindle version once they have picked it up and published it.

Thanks in advance for all of the support and please help spread the word!