We are being manipulated, pride is a disease

This world we live in, the conflicts that are thrust into the mainstream, the issues that we are told to care about, that we're told are important, are not always what truly matters. As human's we have a natural tendency to separate ourselves into groups, into buckets. These buckets can take many forms; social economic, ethnic, regional, political, etc.

But none of that nonsense matters.

Very few of the conflicts we find ourselves forced into caring about truly matter. What matters is the positive difference we make today and every day. Regardless of your job or life situation, you can make someone else's day better. Every single day. Without fail. Sometimes it's the little things, sometimes it’s much more. But none of it is what political argument or entrenched social conditioning you believe matters.

We are all people, the blood we bleed is the same. The pain we feel is the same. The feelings we feel, are the same. We allow hatred, bigotry, misogyny and intolerance to separate us. And for what? What do we gain from all of this? No one truly wins in these things. The victor of one segment of history is simply the victim in the next, the cycle continuing along in the drudge of history.

Pride is a disease, it was the first sin and it leads to hatred and death. Drop the pride, embrace humility, and the world will be better for it. Work to make this pale blue dot a better world for someone else, and it will become a better world for you.