Quotes of the Week (Foundra edition)

"Death. I have fed that foul beast a feast, and yet it still hungers." ~Lanrete

"Cihphists... the most powerful of which can mold the very world around them. I'm familiar with weaving the Enesmic strands of power, although I share no constant link to the plane itself. Or maybe I do... Who really knows how immortals are born? There is so much about this universe that we still don't understand. Those that hold this constant link, the gifted few capable of shaping the galaxy itself, the power they wield can be... terrifying." ~Lanrete

"And this planet is also mine. Please enjoy my abundant air." ~Soahc

"You focus on an old enemy too long, and you will miss the new one at your throat.” ~First Argent Narmo Swela

“Power comes with time. Speed comes with training, but form is what stands between life and death.” ~Jessica Olic (Phoenix)