The fall into Appledom

This holiday season solidifies my fall into Appledom. The road has been filled with promises of stability and ease of use, many of which have been met with hints of skepticism and stark irony. The fall has been gradual, yet effective as I find myself looking at my apple watch, the likes of which is tethered to my IPhone 6 Plus as I stare brooding at my new MacBook Pro. Oh how life is filled with ironies, the stalwart Android warrior of light so fully embracing the dark side.

Its lure is powerful, overwhelming. Do not feel yourself above its call, for I myself was once in your shoes. The lure is seductive, Apple's power not one to be trifled with. Oh how I look back at the string of decisions that have led to my abandonment of the one true platform, Google forgive me, as I sit in wonder at the interplay between devices. I marvel as if a cow being led in to the slaughter.

Fandom is a trifle thing, yet one that grows in the hearts of us all. Many laugh it off and think themselves above its call, while silently judging the other platform with mock seriousness and good humor. Oh how those preferences run deep. Little does one recognize how similar the platforms truly are, the little things dividing them. Curse you Apple and your flashy products, your blade is shiny and costs twice as much, yet I marvel at its perfect angles.

Happy Holiday's to all, may your platform of choice bring you great joy!