Christmas holds special significance for me, outside of just fond childhood memories and its origins. Christmas was the day I proposed to my wife. The event took place at Longwood Gardens where I had forewarned her sister of the impending proposal. I laid out my plan and after a night of walking throughout the botanical gardens where we had our first date, I proposed to her in front of the massive Christmas tree near the exit. Every year since then, we have ventured back to the botanical gardens where we relive those memories and make new ones. It is a special place for us that we support with an annual membership (I would also recommend you join if you enjoy nature).

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we can fall into the rush of the holidays and forget to take time out to make memories. Toys and tablets will one day end up in the trash, their usefulness long past, but memories that we create with those we love will last a lifetime. When we're old and gray and we look back on our lives, those are the things that we will hold on to.

Merry Christmas!