Almost there...

I am in the final stages of self-publishing my first novel. It should be out and on Amazon within the next two weeks. Self-publishing has been a fun and exciting process. I've learned a lot about marketing, editing, cover design and formatting from all of the great people I've worked with over the past two months. It's interesting how much control you have over these aspects when you hire professionals yourself.

I've read a number of articles that have talked about the amount of say an author actually has in many aspects of their novel once it's in a traditional publishers hands. The frustration I've heard of regarding authors who are sometimes cut out of the process completely can be substantial. I've enjoyed the collaborative process that I've had working with these professionals in the self-publishing industry. I have heavily leaned on their experience and recommendations as opposed to "Doing it my own way," as they have more experience than me. I assume, that is where a lot of self-published authors go wrong; pushing for their own ideas without trying to first gain an understanding from the experts.

The long race is almost over for my first novel, and it's been a challenging one, but one that I've enjoyed none the less! The title of my novel will be Foundra: The Rift War.

PS: I’ve included some goodies below:

Book Description:

Author Emmanuel M. Arriaga gives readers an adventure of epic proportion in his sci-fi space opera Foundra: The Rift War.

Immortals Lanrete, a founder of the Huzien Empire he helped to build more than eighty thousand years ago, and Soahc, a Cihphist magic wielder, find themselves at the center of an unexpected war. An ancient being known only as Sagren is accidentally released from its prison by unsuspecting archeologists. Now free, Sagren unleashes an army of horrid creatures on alliance citizens as war plunges the galaxy into chaos.

Not all members of the crew will survive. The gruesome battles will test the very humanity of Lanrete, Soahc, and their comrades. Each war has its hero, but heroes can't do it alone—they need help.

Inspired by fantasy authors like RA Salvatore, science fiction movies, and his childhood hobby of playing Dungeons and Dragons, Emmanuel M. Arriaga crafts a galactic story encompassing both adventure and romance. Multiple story lines combine into a powerhouse epic full of thrills and heartfelt relationships.

The front cover illustration created for my novel, click to enlarge: