I love my wife!

Today I celebrated my 29th birthday. My wife took me out for an amazing day, filled with test driving a Tesla Model S, and eating at some really nice restaurants! We broke the Vegan diet for the day, indulging in cheese and other dairy products, including the amazing Cold Stone Ice Cream cake she bought for me (Awesome stuff!). I can't begin to thank God enough for the amazing woman he has blessed me with, her love is more than I could have ever hoped for.

As I reflect on the past year, I realize that I've accomplished a lot since my 28th birthday. I've finished my first novel (the road to publishing my next challenge) and I've started work on the second, ideas that I've been toying around with finally able to be acted upon. My career in IT is still moving along, although I think I'm ready for the next challenge there as well.

My sincere hope as I look forward to the next year, is that by my 30th birthday I will be a published author. Who knows, maybe if the world falls in love with my book I'll be able to buy that Tesla after all? Well, after student loans and homes for my family of course.