Final draft of second book complete!

The final draft of my second book is complete! I have the printed copy from Kinko’s sitting right next to me as I type this (supernatural romance novel ftw). As I start the process of getting that book published, (first book publishing deal still a work-in-progress...) I begin the journey of my next book. Once again I've decided to write a completely different story (in a different genre...) instead of continuing with the sequels to my first two novels. I have the sequels already planned out but I want to get the first two books officially published before I continue the stories of those universes. This new book will be a type of modern fantasy novel based off of another dream I had a few weeks ago. I finished the high level outline during my vacation and I'm extremely excited to get working on it as soon as possible. Hopefully one day soon I'll have my first two novels officially published and up for sale, but for now... I write!